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This area is currently under construction. Please check back on Monday when the initial offering will be in place. Resources are being evaluated continuously by the district's Curriculum Team and will be added every day as approved. Thank you for your patience while we endeavor to provide you the most appropriate resources available.
Dear Tucson Unified Community, 
We know you may have many questions about how the rest of this school year will unfold during these unprecedented times. Please be assured that your site principal and your district leadership team are working diligently to develop a framework to assist you, your students and the community while schools are closed in our State. Some of those plans include:

Providing an online resource page for families to access different learning opportunities for students.
Daily tips for learning from home, including sample structure schedules, online and offline tips and resources.
In addition to these plans, we want to make sure we equip you, our community with some tools and resources to provide some learning options and structures for your students while at home.

Please review our Learn from Home webpage which provides you with learning opportunities for your students by grade level.

These are some of the plans your district leadership and site principals are working on as we navigate through these uncharted waters. We are grateful for your dedication, adaptability and patience. 

Flori Huitt | Assistant Superintendent
Curriculum and Instruction
Tucson Unified School District