Studies have shown a direct correlation between attendance, learning, and future success.  According to the Arizona Revised Statute Title 15. Education § 15-803, Absences are considered excessive when the number of absent days exceeds ten percent (10%) of the number of required attendance days (180 days) prescribed in section 15-802, subsection B, paragraph 1.  This means 10% of 180 days = 18 days per year/9 days per semester (per class). TUSD Governing Board Policy JE-R says after the 10th unexcused absence, a student may not receive credit due to excessive unexcused absences, pending appeal.  TUSD does have a High School Appeal Process for loss of credit due to excessive unexcused absences.  Parents/Guardians or students may file a written appeal for review by the site-level  Appeals Committee at the school. The Appeals Committee will consist of one administrator, one guidance counselor, and one teacher. The building principal must receive the written appeal, including all supporting documentation, within ten days of the end of the credit period. The final decision will rest with the Committee. 

SRHS Attendance Policy states that students with more than 10 UNEXCUSED absences in a single class period may receive an "NC" or "No Credit" for the class at the end of the semester. The Attendance Office will provide ongoing notification/communication/outreach regarding unexcused absences and/or excessive absenteeism. 
Tardy Policy

Dear Parent/ Guardian: 

We have instituted a systematic approach to support our Santa Rita students as it relates to arriving to class/school on time daily. As you are aware, our primary focus at Santa Rita is twofold: (1) To ensure a safe and orderly campus and learning environment, and (2) ensure all students are learning at high levels and are prepared for their next step either in a career path or post-secondary education. 

Studies have shown that being on time and ready to learn is equally as important as creating quality work. If our students are striving for success in their adult lives, they must begin to understand and acquire those traits that lead to success. Please take the time to address the importance of timeliness and encourage them to begin to build and acquire the positive traits that will help them to live their most fulfilling and successful adult lives. 

The following is our progressive system of support to improve student timeliness and overall attendance: 

4th Tardy Parent/Guardian Contact  

5th Tardy Parent/Guardian Contact AND 1 Lunch Detention  

6th Tardy Parent/Guardian Contact AND 2 Lunch Detentions  

7th Tardy Parent/Guardian Contact AND 1 After School Detention 

8th Tardy Parent/Guardian Contact AND 2 After School Detentions 

9th Tardy Parent/Guardian Contact AND 1 Saturday School 

10th Tardy Parent/Guardian Contact AND 2 Saturday Schools  

If you have any questions regarding our Tardy Policy, please contact our Attendance Office. 

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