2020-21 FACE Archive

We are actively recruiting members for our 2021-2022 Family Engagement Team. Family Engagement- Participation, Partnerships, Communiucation

The purpose of our Family Engagement Team is to collaborate with our families to continue building on our school culture that honors and respects the academic process of Santa Rita High School.  When families and educators join together to support our students' learning and development, students are more likely to succeed in school, graduate, and stay on their path to college or career.  This is why we need you!

Please contact 731-7500 is you are interested in joining our Family Engagement Team or have questions. You may also contact the Assistant Principal, Mrs. Rosalinda Rodriguez by email.
2021-22 Family Engagement Team Members

Wide open eyesActively looking for members!  Please join us!   We need you!
We are actively recruiting for our Family Engagement Team. If you are interested please contact Assistant Principal, Mrs. Rosalinda Rodriguez by email.
2021-22 Family Engagement Team Minutes
We need members!
We have been recruiting all year for our Family Engagement Team.  As of now, we still do not have any active members.  If you are interested please contact Assistant Principal, Rosalinda Rodriguez by email..
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    Coming Soon...If you would like to become a member of our fabulous PTO, please contact Mrs.Rosalinda Rodriguez by email.  
2020-21 School Site Council Members

This Year's Members Are:

Tamara Ray - Principal 

Kristy Esquerra - Assistant Principal/Recorder

Rachelle Fernandez - Facilitator (Certified)
Contact Rachelle.Fernandez by email

Brenda Lundt - Teacher (Certified) 

April Monroe - Social Worker (Classified) 

Cassandra Rodriguez - MTSS (Classified) 

Damien Montoya - Community Member 

Brian Cowley - Parent 

Tammie Eader - Parent
2020-21 School Site Council Minutes
The December Meeting was canceled
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